Adult Weekend Workshops

Twist! Turning natural fibers into cordage with Aria

Hands are incredible tools, but most of us no longer practice the ancient crafting arts common to cultures around the world. For generations since prehistory, humans have made objects using the natural materials at hand, while creating simple tools along the way. Rope, string, and other forms of cordage are an essential element of most primitive constructions, and of course remain useful in our time for widely varied purposes, including tying shoes, bundling packages, and creating fine textiles through knitting, crocheting, and weaving.

In this morning workshop, learn to work with plant fibers as well as animal fibers such as wool, and relearn a practical and longstanding human skill.

Note: You are welcome to bring any plant or animal fibers you wish to try working with, as well as any tools for processing wool or plant fiber. These might include: wool, long plant stems, inner tree bark, grasses, drop spindle, carding tools, etc.

March 17, 2018: 9 a.m. to noon at Merrohawke’s classroom on the waterfront. Contact us for more details. Cost: $35

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Tracking Club with Debbie

Merrohawke’s Tracking Club is an opportunity to get outside and practice the Art of Tracking on a weekend morning. We will be on the lookout for track & sign in diverse habitats around the Newburyport area. We will adventure into the wilderness looking for all that nature has to show us. Track and sign can include mammal sign, bird sign, and bug sign with opportunities to ID local plant life. The Tracking Club’s main goal is to bring people together in the spirit of learning more about our natural world.

The morning will start with a round of community building through gratitude and/or stating our intentions for the day. There will be a small lessons on foot morphology, gait, track pattern, and/or observation techniques. Once we are all geared up, we will head into the field and see what nature has to offer. After exploring, we will wrap up our morning with creating species lists and mystery lists of our outing.

Tracking Club is for everyone, ages 16+. Beginner to expert trackers welcomed!

Spring Program Date: TBA. Contact us for more details. Cost: $15