Parent Feedback

You are the premiere outdoor education experience for children in the greater Newburyport area.

"I feel so lucky that this organization is available in our town...."

"We have been raving to everyone about it."

Our sons had a fantastic week! We're adopting implementing the "Gratitude circle" each night before bedtime. Love it! The staff and crew were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I'm so thankful your programs exist so children can have these wonderful experiences! Hats off to all of you for a job well done! See you again next year!

"This was an amazing program!  Both of my girls really loved it.  I especially enjoyed watching them interact with land and sea in their own unique way.  They were explorers and it awakened an adventurous spirit."

"The overall experience--wow.  The communication with parents about the expectations of the day.  The programs are implemented with thoughtful preparation.  The crew is very flexible and know how to "roll with it."

Merrohawke is hands-down the best summer experience you can give your child. Kate and Rob Yeoman (along with their team of creative field leaders and camp counselors) give children a real front row seat to the magic of the Merrimac and the ocean beyond. My kids love everything from rides on the Yankee Clipper to water coloring with the counselors.

"Leadership, staff - their knowledge and strong student centered focus. The kids are always doing something different, outdoors in all weather, enthusiasm of the staff."

“My daughter is so excited for her upcoming week at Ospreys!”

"My kids know more about the local waterways and wildlife habitats after 2 summers at Merrohawke, than I do after living in Newburyport for 14 years :).

“I have raved about your programs for years, since my daughter's first forest kindergarten program.”

"Love having this gem in our town."

“My kids LOVE Merrohawke and they look forward to it all year long. They love hunting for crabs at the beach and along the river, climbing trees near the boardwalk, singing songs and playing games with the counselors and just being outside with their friends. The Boathouse is a magic place and just being in the boatyard makes kids excited."

“We will be back next year, and little bro wants to come too.”

"Look, I'm going to be honest. My 7.5 yr old son is a challenging child. He often is anxious and therefore gets a negative attitude about new experiences, and has not enjoyed other camps. So, I had concerns. He LOVED Green Crabs. Loved it. Learned a lot, and wants to go back. Well done!"

“As a mom and former elementary school teacher, I am always incredibly impressed with everything that goes on at BOAT CAMP.  You have some master teacher's there and the kids learn so much while having fun.  I also felt incredibly comfortable leaving my daughter in your care both this year and last (and I don't leave her very many places).  There always seems to be enough hands to help out and keep all the kids safe.”

"My son LOVED both programs he participated in. He loved riding the Yankee Clipper and making fairy houses in the woods."


This is the most amazing program and my kids talk about it all year long. We feel so fortunate to be a part of it each year.

“Our oldest son loved it so much that he wanted to participate in the week following when he was "scheduled".  There was not room in the following week, so he begged us to take him to the dock every morning of the next session ‘just in case (one of the other scheduled participants) didn't show up’!!!”

"Your program has entertained and taught my daughter so much over the last 7 years, and I have nothing but good things to say.  She actually is looking to continue her education beyond high school in marine biology and I attribute that to her experience with you.  Thank you for all you do."

"Have to say thank you for accommodating my son who has cystic fibrosis. His current medicine regimen requires lots of sunscreen and they did such a fab job reminding him he didn't get sunburned! THANK YOU!"

“I would love to see BOAT CAMP have a presence in the Newburyport public schools.”

"Your program was truly the highlight of our children's summer.  Both children wished they could go for another week and when asked to rate their experience gave it a 10 out of 10. What more could a parent ask for?"

"I would recommend BOAT CAMP to anyone."


Our son loved "the row boating, trying wild strawberries, and sucking on honeysuckle"!
Our daughter loved "finding crabs, trying honeysuckle, and going on the beach"!
Our son in boat camp loved "everything"! Especially the "isle of shoals", "taking a mud bath and "the games in the morning"!!


"The BOAT CAMP staff is phenomenal.  They are a wonderful resource from an educational standpoint, but most of all, they're fun!  This is my son's 3rd year participating and the upbeat staff is a large part of what keeps him coming back."

“I was highly impressed with every crew member I encountered.  My son had such a wonderful time and had only very complimentary remarks about each and every one of his crew.  I am looking forward to sending him again next year.  Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication!”

“My husband went on the boat and was quite impressed. In fact, he was hesitant to send our son to BOAT CAMP in fear that he would be bored. He for sure thinks otherwise!”

They were all great. Kids loved them!"

"Love you guys"

"Captain Rob, well, he's Captain Rob, isn't he.  What more to say?" 🙂

"My daughter is quite shy but the counselors seemed to "get" her and helped her along at her own pace.  Each day she came home a bit more talkative and excited about what she had done.  I had a hard time getting her to leave the water at the end of each day. On Friday when I asked if she'd like to return next year, the answer was a resounding "yes!"

“It seemed like everyone was very enthusiastic and involved with the environment as well as understanding of my child’s needs… My child LOVED it.”

“All were very friendly and welcoming to both the kids and the parents. It is clear how much the captains, instructors, crew and staff all enjoy what they are doing.”

"The knowledge and experience is like none other."

"My son has Aspergers, and his quick temper has kept us from sending him to so many camps. Kate was great on the phone when we were deciding whether or not to send him, and the staff, especially Debbie, were phenomenal! They really got him, listened to the strategies we gave, and really made this by far the best camping experience we've ever had!I can't praise your program enough! My son isn't always easy, but your staff was empathetic and patient. It was also really refreshing that the staff would take the time to chat with me about his day every day, without making me feel like I was a pain. I appreciate it so much."

"My daughter had the time of her life! Each day I saw her confidence growing as she came off the boat!
It is amazing to see how Capt Rob engages and encourages each child!
A million thank yous!!!"

“Everyone that we came in contact with was very kind and professional—the staff couldn't have done anything better!”

"Everybody was tremendous.  My son has had seizures that are under control, but the staff made me feel at ease that he could attend and be looked after, and he was."

"I thought everyone was great. Sarah seemed organized and responsive when I spoke with her at drop off, so I felt like my child was in good hands."

"Debbie has always been, and continues to be an absolute treasure! All the staff at Four Rock inspire the kids and provide a sense of wonder and love for nature."

“My son found them to be very friendly.  He loved Captain Rob!”

"Loved the staff, absolutely loved them! They are all great with kids and my kids bloomed hanging out with them."

"Debbie and Aria were amazing role models for my daughter. They were relaxed yet in charge and always professional.
She is 8 yrs old, and had never done a camp in the woods like this. I was amazed at her immediate comfort level and feel she really grew during this experience."

"The staff made it.  Kate's calm complemented by the counselor's energy made the kids safe to explore and interact."

"Loved Them All.”

"Many, many thanks to Trevor and the other counselors!! What a fabulous crew. I'm so thankful that my son has the opportunity to learn from these great role models. And that it is out in our beautiful environments is the icing on the cake!

“My son really enjoyed Captain Rob. He simply says that he is awesome. He is equally fond of Kate.”

"My kids really enjoy their time on the boat and enjoy Captain Rob a lot. He is great with the kids and keeps them interested."

“Based on what my son came home and told me, the crew made a real effort to get to know and talk to the children.  They seemed to have learned a lot about my son, and they were truly interested in what he had to say.”

“Great captain, crew and staff.  The feedback I got from my son was that everyone was helpful and friendly.  I think the fact that he was looking forward to getting out there each day speaks volumes.”

“Extremely friendly, welcoming, professional.  Very enthusiastic and fun to be with during the day.  Took good care of my camper the day she was seasick and helped her work through some nerves the next day - thank you!”

"Rachel  and Trevor in particular was a standout crew member.  Our children had so much fun with them and really connected with the kids. Sophie, Sarah at Four Rock were are also awesome, per our kids."

“My son enjoyed Capt Rob and his wife and son - says ‘they must really love their jobs.’"

"My girls had all good things to say about the staff. My 6 year old was particularly taken with Gavin :)"

“Aria - We are in love with her. Professional, fun, energetic, trustworthy, knowledgeable, upbeat, with a very straight-forward personality. She's a great fit for this group of kids. I felt extremely comfortable leaving N.C. with her all week.
Imogen - Also incredibly kind and gifted individual - a true kid-magnet."