Youth are at the heart of all that we do. Our programs start at age two and are offered year-round, ashore and afloat. We invite you to choose  a path that suits your child best. We are deeply invested in you and your family, and we hope to build a relationship that will serve your child from early childhood into adulthood by offering programs that first build a connection to nature, then to their community by building a sense of place, and ultimately to their own selves through our teen nature immersion programs.

If we have done our jobs well, youth whom first cross our threshold as toddlers will grow to know us, to lean on us, and to learn from us in a way that helps them to anchor deep roots into nature, while at the same time spread their own broad wings of self-confidence and self-knowing. It is our hope that they will fly off into the world steady on their feet and strong in their resolve to follow their heart, understand their personal and professional gifts, and able carry a lifelong desire to stay close to and protect the earth that sustains us all.