Adult Tracking Club

The Tracking Club is an opportunity to get outside and practice the Art of Tracking. We will be on the lookout for track & sign in diverse habitats around the Newburyport area. We will adventure into the wilderness looking for all that nature has to show us. Track and sign can include mammal sign, bird sign, and bug sign with opportunities to ID local plant life. The Tracking Club’s main goal is to bring people together in the spirit of learning more about our natural world.


The day will start with a round of community building through gratitude and/or stating our intentions for the day. There will be a small lessons on foot morphology, gait, track pattern, and/or observation techniques. Once we are all geared up, we will head into the field and see what nature has to offer. After exploring, we will wrap up the day with creating species lists and mystery lists of our outing.

Tracking Club is for everyone, ages 16+. Beginner and expert trackers welcomed!

Program time: Once a month Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon

Cost: $15/day
You may sign up for one or all!


Dates and places

March 18th at Four Rock (Maritime Forest)

April 22nd at Sandy Point (Sandy beach)

May 27th at Four Rock (Maritime Forest)


What to Bring

  • Gear for weather and outdoors

  • Backpack for gear

  • Snacks for outing

  • Water – we recommend a 1 liter water bottle

  • Notebook and pencil

Optional Items:

  • Camera

  • Ruler or tape measure

  • Calipers

  • Binoculars