Vision: Strong Kids. Healthy Planet.

Merrohawke Nature School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization. We provide meaningful outdoor nature connection programs at sea and on land, for all ages, in all seasons, to inspire a deep connection to land and sea, a strong sense of self, and compassion for all.

We endeavor towards a world where all youth grow strong by nature, know how to tend the wild within, and as adults act compassionately with the earth always in mind.

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"If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it." — David Sobel

Forest Kindergarten

Merrohawke’s Forest Kindergarten for ages 3.6-6 is modeled around German Waldkindergartens, in which all of our class time is spent entirely outside, October through May. A “Forest Kindergarten” is a form of early education based on the German model of waldkindergartens or “forest preschool.” Learning takes place entirely outdoors in all seasons.

In Europe, parents believe that preparing for school means developing social-emotional and motor skills first–academics follow later. In Germany alone, there are more than 1,000 forest kindergartens formally recognized and subsidized by the German government. Merrohawke Nature School’s Forest Kindergarten launched in October 2013.

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Summer Programs

As the home of BOAT CAMP, summer programs are at the heart of Merrohawke Nature School and perhaps what we are best known for.

We welcome our youngest friends, starting at age 4, to journey through their childhood with us each summer and deepen their sense of place along our beautiful coastal landscape and home waters of the Merrimack River and Ipswich Bay. Programs are offered at every age level to suit those who love land and sea, those who love to venture far out to sea… and those who prefer to keep their feet ashore. We pride ourselves on offering the most unique programs in our community, with exceptionally low staff:student ratio’s and exceptionally high levels of intention and planning that goes into every day.

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From Education… to Action

After visiting the water protection camps at Standing Rock, North Dakota, Mark Morey reached out to Kate Yeomans, and together they envisioned a new direction for the nature connection movement. Merrohawke is one of at least 75 nature connection organizations nationally–and 150 internationally–that now serves upwards of 50,000 youth annually.

We are Nature Rising will activate the next generation of leaders–who take direction from the principles of nature and the wisdom of native and non-native elders–to stand as allies with existing social and environmental justice movements.

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Together we've connected thousands of youth to nature, their community, and themselves.